Monday, June 23, 2008

TBOD'S Big Boys' Toys "Gator Paintball" segment

Fear this: Black and army green body armour, electronic marker spitting out 30 hard hitting balls per second, 1 hour of experience in open field combat and let's not forget. . . the blonde ponytail.

Ok, I'll admit it. I'm not fooling anyone. I didn't strike a single drop of fear in the hearts of any of the pros I was up against. But, that's fine by me. My first paintball experience was totally memorable and totally AWESOME!

The guys at Gator Paintball, in Hudson, FL, set me up with the latest baller gear, let me borrow the best marker $$$ can buy, gave me some important safety instructions (so I wouldn't "shoot my eye out"), and then sent me out to battle. They also invited some of their tournament paintballers to come and play a game for us. These guys (and gal!) were serious pros and a little more intimidating than I had expected. All I kept thinking was how they probably couldn't wait to unload those paintballs and blast me into next week.

But, alas, I survived. I hit several times and got hit several times. . . with green paint instead of pink or orange, so fortunately, my favorite camo pants that I wear everywhere will live to see another day. If you are looking for a great stress reliever, a cool day out with friends, or are just super competitive by nature, I highly recommend a joyous day of paint splattering, welt inducing debauchery.

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