Friday, June 20, 2008

My "Virtual Euro-Trip" Xtra Point Trivia Segments!

So, Tom, my producer for the Xtra Point show on Catch 47, thought it would be really cool to spice up some of our weekly trivia segments. The idea was to have 5 weeks of questions about the now defunct NFL Europe and I was asked to create "costumes" based on each country or city we were presenting. . . Amsterdam, Scotland, Barcelona, London, & Germany. He would then make European landmarks "magically" appear behind me, as if I was right there!

To some, coming up with 5 costumes in less than a week might have been pretty tricky. . .but for me??? It was almost too easy. I am not ashamed to admit that I did not have to buy one thing. I love Halloween, I love costumes and if you need it, I got it!

Here are some screen captures from those segments that should be good for a couple laughs!

. . .as a Dutch girl in Amsterdam!

. . . as a matador in Barcelona!

. . . as a tourist in jolly ol' England!

and finally, as a Scottish lassie!

(video stills copyright: Catch 47)

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