Saturday, May 23, 2009

NEW on TBOD's "Big Boys' Toys" ~ Hacker Craft Boats

Sometimes an opportunity for a shoot arises that you didn't even know existed. Take Hacker Craft Boats for instance. These handcrafted mahogany speedboats and runarounds were the pleasure boats of the rich and famous in the early 1900's, but went out of production shortly after the Great Depression. The only way to enjoy them as of late, was to restore an antique. But, we got a tip that the Hacker Boat is back in production and we have a proud owner right here in Tampa! They are keeping to tradition by building these boats with the original Hacker blueprints. The only difference??? Added modern technologies like nav and stereo surround systems, turbo engines and infrared devices!!!

I was sooooooo excited to take part in this shoot and even got to drive the boat around myself, which I have to say was the smoothest boat ride I've ever experienced. These boats are indescribably cool and I hope you all enjoy the bit of nostalgia that goes along with it as well. I must mention that Roger (photojournalist extraordinaire!) did a bang up job putting the piece together! Enjoy!!!

Now airing on Tampa Bay On Demand, channel 340!

Happy Memorial Day!