Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TBOD's Big Boys' Toys "Home Gym Equipment"

Who would have thought that doing a shoot about home gym equipment could be so much fun! Maybe it was the super cool state-of-the-art machines, or the endorphine rush I got from actually working out on camera, or maybe it was gleefully watching Roger (our camera guru) do push-ups on the Power Plate. All in all, good times.

We decided to do the shoot at Gym Source in Tampa mainly because they specialize in the newest, hottest equipment on the market. Hey, the show is Big Boys' Toys. . . no free weights here! We featured the Power Plate, the Expresso Fitness Bike and the Cybex Arc Trainer. I must admit that of the three, the Power Plate absolutely kicked my butt! I vow to never again laugh at "vibration" workouts.

So, to see me break a sweat, head on over to Tampa Bay On Demand, channel 340!

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